Indaba: Durban Prepares for Africa’s Top Travel Show

Every year, delegates make their way from all over South Africa and abroad, for the annual acclaimed Indaba Conference held in Durban. Being Africa’s greatest travel and tourism exhibition, this marks the Indaba as one of the most significant events on Durban’s calendar every year, as well as having become one of the largest and most top-ranked tourism conventions to date. This event which has been running for more than 35 years, attracts several thousand delegates from various African top tourism businesses, including a high volume of leading travel buyers and media representatives from across the globe. Many agents from every sector of the travel and tourism industry will be making their way to Durban for this highly anticipated event of the year.

The annual Indaba exhibition will take place at the Durban ICC and Durban Exhibition Centre, between the 16th and 18th of May 2017. As we approach the final days before the launch of the highly acclaimed Indaba Conference, thousands of both national and international delegates will begin to arrive in Durban to begin their preparations in the days leading up to this exciting exhibition. Due to the continual growth of this event each year, the tourism industry in Durban and surrounding areas will see a high influx of guests and a much busier time for all involved. As always, the city of Durban will be providing the greatest possible forms of entertainment to visitors before, during and after the event. Numerous national and international visitors will be making use of the opportunity to visit the attractions in and around Durban during this period.

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