Matte vs Glossy Finishes

There are literally hundreds of different paper types and finishes with most people aware of the commonly referred to finishes of Matte and Glossy paper. So what are the differences and pros and cons of each type?

Types of matte inkjet paper include photo quality matte, premium grade, double-sided matte, and semi-matte options. Since you do not get any glare from matte papers, you will often find large billboards or shop window and shop displays using matte paper for large images or images placed high up as these will usually experience glare issues.

You may have noticed that matte paper is not as durable as glossy paper and can get abrasion marks over the picture if handled too much. Matte paper produces really lovely quality prints but does not have that vibrant color finish of a glossy print as it tends to soak up more ink than in glossy papers, giving your print a slightly softer look to your photos.

Glossy paper on the other hand produces the widest color range with a vibrant resolution giving your prints that “wet” look. The problem when using glossy paper is that there can be a glare on your prints and they show up fingerprints easily but do offer a more durable quality. Also when mounting a glossy picture you may find that it tends to “stick” to the glass so a semi glossy paper can sometimes be preferable.

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